18 May 2023: Today’s Latest GK Questions

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Welcome to “18 May 2023: Today’s Latest GK Questions.” Stay informed and test your knowledge with a curated collection of current affairs from politics to sports. Let’s dive in and expand our understanding of the world.

18 May 2023: Today’s Latest GK Questions

1. India’s first pod taxi will be launched in which state?

Ans: Uttar Pradesh

2. Which airport has recently become the world’s most punctual airport?

Ans: GMR Hyderabad

3. What is the unit of noise pollution?

Ans: Decibel

4. Recently who has started Mahila Samman Bachat Patra Yojna?

Ans: Smriti Irani

5. Who has recently received the Ramon Magsaysay Award Individually after 64 years?

Ans: Dalai Lama

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6. Who has recently written the book Smoke & Ashes?

Ans: Amitav Ghosh

7. Which state government has recently announced three new conservation sanctuaries?

Ans: Rajasthan

8. Which state government has launched a mobile science lab for tribal students?

Ans: Maharashtra

9. Which cricketer has been appointed as a believed Investor by Star Sports?

Ans: Rishabh Pant

10. Where is the Aisa Pacific Leaders Conclave on Malaria Eradication held?

Ans: New Delhi

11. India and which country have recently signed air services agreement?

Ans: Guyana

12. Where has the world’s second deepest blue hole at 900 feet been revealed recently?

Ans: Mexico

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