Bihar Gk Question Answer in English 2022

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Before starting with the post “Bihar Gk Question Answer in English 2022” let us know about Bihar.

Bihar is a state in East India. It is the third-largest state of India by population and the twelfth largest by territory. Bihar is bounded by Uttar Pradesh to its west, Nepal to its north, the state of West Bengal to its east, and Jharkhand to its south.

If you are looking for the latest Bihar Gk Question then you are in the right place. Below all the latest Bihar gk questions have been given.

Bihar Gk Question 2022

1. What is the total area of Bihar?

Ans: 94,163 km2

2. Which country is comparable to the size of Bihar?

Ans: Hungary (93,030 km2)

3. What is the Rank of Bihar in terms of Area?

Ans:  12th Position

4. Who was the first chairman of the Bihar Public Service Commission?

Ans: Rajdhani Sinha

5. Where are Kakolat Waterfalls located? 

Ans: Nawada

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6. When is Bihar Day celebrated every year?

Ans: March 22

7. Where is Buddha Memorial Park built?

Ans: Patna

8. Where is Ghodakatora lake situated? 

Ans: Nalanda 

9. When was Bihar carved out from Bengal by the British?

Ans:  22 March 1912

10. Which is the largest city in Bihar?

Ans: Patna (250 km²)

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11. What is the official language of Bihar?

Ans: Hindi and Urdu

12.  What is the Vehicle Registration code for Bihar?

Ans: BR

13. How many tourist circuits have been recognized by the Bihar Tourism Ministry? 

Ans: 8

14. What is the State Mammal of Bihar?

Ans: Gaur (Mithun)

15. What is the State Bird of Bihar?

Ans: House Sparrow

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16. What is the State Flower of Bihar?

Ans: Kachnar 

17. What is the State Fruit of Bihar?

Ans: Mango

18. What is the State Tree of Bihar?

Ans: Peepal

19. How many districts are in Bihar?

Ans: 38 Districts

20. How many divisions are in Bihar?

Ans: 9

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21. Which is the smallest district of Bihar?

Ans: Sheohar (443 Km2)

22. Who was the founder of the Bihar School of Yoga (Munger)?

Ans: Swami Satyanad Saraswati (1963)

23. How many Development Blocks are in Bihar?

Ans: 534 Blocks

24. How many Panchayats are in Bihar?

Ans: 8,406 

25. How many Villages are in Bihar?

Ans: 45,103

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26. How many Police Stations are in Bihar?

Ans: 853 Police Stations

27. Where is the headquarters of the Kosi Division?

Ans: Saharsa

28. Where is the headquarters of the Tirhut Division?

Ans: Muzaffarpur

29. What type of Legislature is the Bihar Legislative Assembly?

Ans: Bicameral

30. How many Rajya Sabha seats do Bihar have in the Parliament?

Ans: 16 Seats

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