[December] 2021 New Current Affairs | [December] 2021 New GK Questions

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We are going to talk here about the latest gk  & current affairs of 2021. The given information below is genuine and truly correct. You can learn this gk and current affairs and ask from your friends. This information is collected from YouTube videos and from my researches.

1. Who is the foreign minister of India as of 2021?

Ans: Subrahmanyam Jaishankar.

2. Which is the biggest 2 digit number?

Ans: 99.

3. Which is the smallest even number?

Ans: 2.

4. Who is the education minister of India as of 2021?

Ans: Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank.

5. Which Indian started the “Prabuddha Bharat” Journal?

Ans: Swami Vivekananda.

6. Who is the RBI (Reserve Bank Of India) governor of India?

Ans: Shaktikanta Das.

7. Who is the Attorney General of India?

Ans: K.K Venugopal.

8. Which is the highest dam in India?

Ans: Tehri Dam.

9. Which is the longest dam in India?

Ans: Hirakud Dam.

10. Which is the oldest dam in India?

Ans: Kallanai Dam.

11. Which is the national tree of India?

Ans: Banayan tree.

12. Which is the smallest state in India?

Ans: Goa.

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13. What is the International Criminal Police Organization also known as?

Ans: Interpol.

14. In which country is Simpson desert located?

Ans: Simpson desert is located in Australia.

15. Name the most deadly poison in world history?

Ans: Botox is the most deadly poison in world history. Just 8 grams of it can kill the entire population of the earth.

16. What is the capital of Mizoram?

Ans: Aizawl.

17. Name the largest state of India by area?

Ans: Rajasthan.

18. Name the second highest peak in India?

Ans: Mount Nanda Devi.

19. Name the highest peak in India?

Ans: Kanchenjunga.

20. Name the longest bridge in India?

Ans: Dhola Sadiya Bridge.

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21. Name the highest waterfall in India?

Ans: Kunchikal falls.

22. Where is the gateway of India located?

Ans: Mumbai.

23. What is Gir National Park famous for?

Ans: Lion.

24. Light year is a unit of?

Ans: Distance.

25. One light-year is equal to?

Ans: 6 trillion miles.

26. Who gave the black hole theory?

Ans: Stephen Hawking.

27. Name the gas which is usually filled in the electric bulb?

Ans: Nitrogen.

28. What does Soda water contain?

Ans: Carbon Dioxide.

29. From which mineral is radium obtained?

Ans: Pitchblende.

30. How many eyes does a honey bee have?

Ans: 5.

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31. In which country paper was invented?

Ans: China.

32.  Who invented “Durbin”?

Ans: Galileo Galilei invented Dubin.

33. In which state of India Konark Sun Temple is located?

Ans: Odisha.

34. Name the first man who entered the space?

Ans: Yuri Gagarin.

35. In which country one-horned rhino is found?

Ans: India.

36. Who is the first women chief minister in India?

Ans: Sucheta Kripalini.

37. What is the scientific name of soda?

Ans: Sodium Carbonate.

38. MUDRA scheme is related to?

Ans: Refinance to micro buisness.

39. Name the largest coffee-producing country?

Ans: Brazil.

40. Which the state of India is the largest producer of Bauxite?

Ans: Odisha.



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