Top GK and Current Current Affairs of January – 2022

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We are back again with our latest post and in this post, I am going to show you the latest GK and Current Current Affairs of January 2022.

January is the first month of the year in the Julian & Gregorian calendars and the first of the seven months they a length of 31 days.

All GK questions which are given below are genuine, truly correct & based current year

GK and Current Current Affairs of January 2022

1. According to the Reserve Bank of India data, which the state of India has become the largest “manufacturing hub”?

Ans: Gujarat

2. Recently Amitabh Kant launched the ‘Digital Twin Platform’ of Genesis International. Amitabh Kant is currently working in which post?

Ans: CEO of NITI Aayog

3. Which country won the Davis Cup title in 2021?

Ans: Russia has won the Davis Cup title in 2021.

4. Which state’s tribal organizations are demanding the creation of a separate state for indigenous communities named ‘Greater Tipraland’?

Ans: Tripura

5. International Civil Aviation Day is observed on which day?

Ans: December 7 (Theme 2021: “Advanced Innovations for Global Aviation Development “)

6. Recently who has been appointed as the new strategic group advisor of OYO?

Ans: Rajnish Kumar

7. Recently Argentina has won the title of ‘Junior Hockey World Cup 2021’ by defeating which country?

Ans: Germany

8. Recently Ravindra Jadeja has been made the brand ambassador of which company?

Ans: Kinara Capital

9. In December 2021, who has become the first Indian to win Miss Trans Global 2021?

Ans: Shruti Sitara

10. Which of the following will become the first airline to use sustainable aviation fuel produced on a commercial scale?

Ans: British Airways

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11. World Soil Day celebrated on which day?

Ans: 5 December

12. Which country has recently brought 80 Rafale fighter jets in 2021?

Ans: United Arab Emirates

13. The ” Art Culture Development Scheme” which was in discussion is related to?

Ans: Buddhist

14. Recently Public Account Committee (PAC) has completed its 100 years. How many members are there at present Public Account Committee?

Ans: 22 members are there at present Public Account Committee

15. The Mahila Mitra Plus Scheme, Which is in the discussion, is related to?

Ans: Federal Bank

16. Which Indian player has won the gold medal in Asian Youth Paralympic Games 2021?

Ans: Kashish Lakra

17. Who has the become third Player in the world to take all 10 wickets in an innings of a cricket match?

Ans: Ejaz Patel

18. Recently who has been named as the Badminton World Federation Male Player of the year 2021?

Ans: Victor Axelsen

19. Space X recently launched how many satellites, which will be included in Starlink  Mega Constellation?

Ans: 50 satellites

20. In December 2021, the central government has approved the production of five lakh Ak-203 assault in which city?

Ans: Amethi, Uttar Pradesh

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21. Recently by which state or union territory Hamar Aapana Budget web was launched?

Ans: Jharkhand

22. Recently how many heritage awards have been given by UNESCO for the Nizamuddin Basti Project?

Ans: 2-heritage awards

23. Recently with whom Indian has partnered for ‘Clean Energy and Climate?

Ans: European Union

24. Recently renowned personality ‘Konjeti Rosaiah passed away. He was the former Chief Minister of which state?

Ans: Andhra Pradesh

25. International Volunteer Day is celebrated on which day?

Ans: 5 December

26. Who has become the first Japanese tourists to visit the International Space Station in December 2021?

Ans: Maezawa has become the first Japanese tourist to visit the International Space Station in December 2021.

27. Which day is celebrated around the world on 10th December?

Ans: Nobel Prize Day, International Animal Rights Day, Human Rights Day.

28. How many languages are there in the “Bhasha Sangam” mobile app?

Ans: There are 22 languages in the “Bhasha Sangam” mobile app.

29. Recently Indian-origin Anil Menon has become the first flight surgeon of SpaceX?

Ans: California, United States.

30. What is the full form of LCRD?

Ans: Laser Communications Relay Demonstration.

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31. What is the place of Nirmala Sitharaman in Forbes’s annual list of powerful women?

Ans: 37.

32. Women’s 49 at Commonwealth Weightlifting Championship in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Who won the gold medal in the kilogram category?

Ans: Jhilli Dalbehra.

35. Which fruit and vegetable market in India has become the first market to be certified as a clean and fresh fruit and vegetable market by FSSAI in December 2021?

Ans:  National Airways Market

36. Recently in December 2021, Disney’s Byju’s Early App has appointed whom as its global brand ambassador?

Ans: Neeraj Chopra

37. The Union Cabinet has approved the financing and implementation of which of the following river interlinking project in December 2021?


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