These are the Most Asked GK in Karnataka 2022

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We are back again with our latest post and in this post, I am going to show you the Most Asked GK in Karnataka – 2022. All questions which are given below are genuine, truly correct & based current year. Read this Article fully

Karnataka is a state in south India that lies in the South-Western region of the Indian Peninsula. It was formed on 1st November 1956

Most Asked GK in Karnataka – 2022

1. Who is the governor of Karnataka in 2021

Ans: Thawar Chand Gehlot.

2. Who is then governor of Haryana in 2021?

Ans: Shri Bandaru Dattatraya.

3. Who is the governor of Gujarat in 2021?

Ans: Shri Acharaya Dev Vrat

4. Who is the governor of Himachal Pradesh in 2021?

Ans: Shri Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar

5. Who is the governor of Goa in 2021?

Ans: P.S. Sreedharan Pillai

6. Who is the Governor of Bihar in 2021?

Ans: Shri Phagu Chauhan

7. Which line separates Pakistan & Afghanistan?

Ans: Mcmohan Line.

8. Which line separates Pakistan & India?

Ans: Radcliffe Line

9. Recently Haiderpur wetland of Uttar Pradesh has been recognized as Ramsar site. How many Ramsar sites are there in India at present?

Ans: There are 47 Ramsar sites in India.

10. Recently DRDO test-fired the aerial version of BrahMos supersonic cruise missile. Who is the current chairman of DRDO?

Ans: Dr. G Satheesh Reddy is the current chairman of DRDO.

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11. Who has been crowned as the Miss Universe of the year 2021?

Ans: Hanaaz Sandhuhas been crowned as the Miss Universe of the year 2021.

12. Which state won the Senior Women’s National Football Championship recently?

Ans: Manipur

13. In which city joint military PANEX-21 with BIMSTEC countries will be organized?

Ans: Pune

14. Recently which has announced a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics?

Ans: America

15. Which female writer was awarded the Kalinga Ratna Award?

Ans: Divya Datta

16. In which state will the country’s second world-class railway station be built?

Ans: Rajasthan

17. Who won the 21st-century Icon Award at the House of Loads?

Ans: Amit Goenka

18. Which Mathematication was honored with the Ciprian Foias Award?

Ans: Nikhil Shrivastava

19. “Bhasa Sangam” is a new application launched by which Union Ministry?

Ans: Ministry Education

20. Which country hosted the ‘Sumit of Democracy’ in 2021?

Ans: America

21. Which is the World’s most valuable ed-tech company by 2021?

Ans: Byju’s

22. Who has won the gold medal in both senior and junior Air Rifles in 64th National Shooting championship?

Ans: Divyansh Shing Panwar

23. Which is the 1st Airline in India to launch ESG report?

Ans: Indigo

24. Who has been promoted as the head of the White House office?

Ans: Gautam Raghavan

25. The Kashi Vishwanath corridor has been inaugurated in which city?

Ans: Varanasi

26. Who was appointed as the Brand Ambassador of Piramal Realty Company?

Ans: Farhan Akhtar

27. Which city has become the World’s first to go 100% Paperless?

Ans: Dubai

28. Who is chosen as Time Person of the year2021?

Ans: Elon Musk

29.  What is India’s rank in the Global health security(GHS) index 2021?

Ans: India’s rank 66th in the Global health security(GHS) index 2021

30. Insects can move on the surface of the water without sinking due to?

Ans: Surface Tension of Water

31. Albert Einstein was awarded the noble prize for?

Ans: Photoelectric Effect

32. Recently who has received the Journalist of the Year Award from Mumbai Press?

Ans: Danish Siddiqui

33. Which Indian origin judge has been appointed to the Supreme Judicial Bench of South Africa recently?

Ans: Narandan jodi Kolapen

34. What is the position of the Indian men’s hockey team in the recently released rankings?

Ans: 3rd

35. Recently in which country the first pill against C-19 has been authorized Pax Solvid?

Ans: USA

36. Recently in which country has doubled the purchase of gas from Turkmenistan in 2021?

Ans: Russia

37. Who has become the new Director-General of Police of Punjab?

Ans: Siddhart Chattopadhyay

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38. Recently who has been appointed as the new president of IndianYamaha Motor?

Ans: E Chihana

39. The first successful Heart Transplant in India was Performed by?

Ans: Dr. Panangipalli Venugopal

40. Who gave the first experimental value of G?

Ans: Cavendish

41. Which Instrument is used to measure the change in Volume of substances?

Ans: Dilatometer

42. What color will a red glass appear if it is heated in a dark room?

Ans: Green


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