Only [High IQ] People know this GK Answers | Learn New 2022 GK for your school Exam

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All these gk questions and answers are based on the current year. In this article, I have covered all recent gk questions & answers related to Yojnas, new full forms, the T-20 world cup, and some basic gk’s. You can learn these new 2022 GK for your school Exam.

Learn New 2022 GK for your school Exam

1. Which Fundamental Rights are not protected by the National Human Rights Commission?

Ans: Right to property

2. In which year Indian penal come into operation?

Ans: 1862.

3. “Greater India” donates –

Ans: Cultural Unity.

4. Which Scheme is not launched by the Ministry of Rural Development of India?

Ans: Mid-Day Meal Scheme.

5. How many percentages of shares are held by Tata in Air India?

Ans: 100%

6. In which City, India’s first-ever national police museum will establish?

Ans: Delhi 

7. Name an instrument used to measure electrical power?

Ans: Dynamometer

8. Name an instrument used to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy?

Ans: Dyanamo

9. What is the full form of RIN?

Ans: Full form is Royal Indian Navy

10. What is the black revolution related to?

Ans: Petroleum is related to the black revolution

11. Name the station which runs through only solar energy?

Ans: Guwahati Station

12. Name the happiest country in the world?

Ans: Ice land is the happiest country in the world

13. Name the animals which can never vomit?

Ans: There are only two animals in the world that can never vomit, Horse and Rat

14. Bharat Gaurav Yojna, which is in discussion is related to which area?

Ans: Indan Railways

15. Which country space agency launched the world’s first “DART Mission”?

Ans: America

16. Where did Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurate the Jewar airport on 25 November 2021?

Ans: Noida

17. Who is the author/writer of the book Lal Salaam: Ek Novel?

Ans: Smriti Irani

18. Recently who has been announced to be honored with Karnataka Ratna Award?

Ans: Puneet Rajkumar

19. In which city the annual meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) has been held recently?

Ans: Dhaka

20. What is the full form of “IORA”?

Ans: Full form is Indian Ocean Rim Association

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21. Which day is celebrated as World Toilet Day?

Ans: 19 November

22. In which city India’s first fisheries business incubator has been launched?

Ans: Gurugram

23. In which place the first Anti-Air pollution tower of Uttar Pradesh has been integrated?

Ans: Noida

24. By whom has the TRIFED Aadi Mahotsav been inaugurated in Delhi?

Ans: Arjun Munda

25. Which state government of India has started “Aapke Dwar Yojna”?

Ans: Madhya Pradesh

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26. What is the full form “ISF”?

Ans: International Science Festival

27. Which country is going is going to host the first Tribal Nations summit since 2016?

Ans: US

28. Which country has overtaken America to top the world wealth growth?

Ans: China has overtaken America to top the world wealth growth

29. Which state government of India has started the “Duare Ration” scheme on November 16, 2021?

Ans: West Bengal

30. Which Digital payment company has launched the world’s first merchant shareholding program?

Ans: Baharat Pay

31. In which state of India has the first grass conservation area been inaugurated?

Ans: Uttrakhand

32. Who has been appointed as the chairman of ICC Men’s Cricket Committee?

Ans: Sourav Ganguly

33. Which state Pochampally village has been recognized by the United Nations World Tourism Organization Selected as Best Tourism Village

Ans: Telangana

34. Which is the first Indian two-wheeler manufacturer to be included in the UN global compact?

Ans: TVS Motors Company

35. In which state of India world’s longest two-lane tunnel is being constructed by BRO?

Ans: Arunachal Pradesh

36. Who has recently become India’s richest self-made female billionaire?

Ans: Falguni Nair

37. Who has been the winning team of the T-20 world cup 2021?

Ans: Australia

38. Who has become the Secretary-General of Rajya Sabha 2021?

Ans: PM Modi

39. Who will be the host country of COP 27 ”Conference 2022”?

Ans: Egypt

40. Which the state of India has launched the “Road Safety Initiative” 2021?

Ans: Odisha

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