Top New Vajiram and Ravi Current Affairs 2022

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These are the Vajiram and Ravi current affairs which you were looking for.

New Vajiram and Ravi Current Affairs

1. Recently who has been appointed as its new CEO by Pakistan Cricket Board?

Ans: Faisal Hasanain

2. Which state has announced the establishment of the General Category Commission in 2021?

Ans: Himachal Pradesh

3. Who has been chosen as Time Person of the Year in 2021?

Ans: Elon Musk

4. Recently ADB has estimated India’s GDP growth rate for FY-22 at what?

Ans: 9.7%

5. Who has been chosen as the ICC Men’s Player of the Month for the month of November?

Ans: David Warner

6. Who tops the total registered electric vehicles as per the recently released report?

Ans:  Uttar Pradesh tops the total registered electric vehicles as per the recently released report

7. Who has recently taken over as the CEO of the Children’s Film Society released report?

Ans: Ravindra Bhaker

8. Where is the Asian rowing Championships 2021 held?

Ans: Thailand

9. How many countries have been invited as the chief guests on the occasion of 73rd Republic Day?

Ans: 5

10. Who has test-fired the Super Sonic Missile Assisted Torpedo on December 10th?


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11. Who has recently won the title of 2021 IFT world champion 2021?

Ans Novak Djokvik

12. Recently, the supreme court of which state has permitted to organize a banned traditional bullock cart race?

Ans: Maharashtra

13. India’s first green hydrogen microgrid project will be set up in which state?

Ans: Andhra Pradesh

14. Recently who will get the Cesar Honore Award of French Cinema in 2021?

Ans: Cant Blanchet

15. Who has become the new CEO of VM Software recently in 2021?

Ans: Anand Eswaran

16. Which state government has recently declared Thai Vajthu as its state song?

Ans: Tamil Nadu

17. Recently the chief minister of which state has launched the Sahay Yojna?

Ans: Jharkhand

18. Recently which country has forcibly passed the Prevention of Religion Act in 2021?

Ans: America

19. Which has become the most expensive selling tea in the country recently in 2021?

Ans: Manohari Gold Tea

20. Recently who has become the new president of the Indian Newspaper Society in 2021?

Ans: Mohit Jain

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21. Good Governance Day is observed is on?

Ans: 25th December

22. Which state passes Bill to prevent mob violence, lynching?

Ans: Jharkhand

23. Name the first Indian girl to win Junior Squash Open in the US?

Ans: Anahat Singh

24. The largest cell is?

Ans: The egg of an Ostrich

25. Which is the largest human cell?

Ans: Ovum

26. Where is the Pin Valley National Park in India located?

Ans: Himachal Pradesh

27. Where is the Tadoba National Park in India located?

Ans: Maharashtra

28. In which state Indian army launch the first solar plant?

Ans: Sikkim

29. Who is named as the brand ambassador of Uttarakhand?

Ans: Risabh Pant

30. When is national mathematic’s day is celebrated?

Ans: 22 December


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