Rajasthan Current Affairs For RPSC Exam in English 2022

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Before starting with this post “Rajasthan Current Affairs For RPSC Exam in English 2022″ let us know about Rajasthan.

It is the largest Indian state by area and seventh largest by population. Yes, I am talking about the beautiful state Rajasthan. It was formed on 30 March 1949. It’s capital is Jaipur and also it is the largest city. There are 33 districts in Rajasthan.

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Rajasthan Current Affairs For RPSC Exam

1. Gerald Manley Hopkins derived his concept of Inscape and Instress from the ideas of medieval philosopher _________________

Ans: Duns Scotus

2. John Dryden wrote his defense of the Essay on Dramatic Poesy in response to an attack by ________________

Ans: Sir Robert Howard

3. Gerald Manley Hopkins described Alfred Tennyson pejoratively as a _____________ because of what Hopkins considered his uninspired poetry

Ans: Parnassian

4. Dr. Samuel Johnson in his life of poets is not critical of this poet and his hard work

Ans: Abraham Cowley’s “Metaphysics”

5. The poet’s mind is in fact a receptacle for seeking and storing up numberless feelings, phrases, and images, which remain there until all the particles which can unite to form a new compound are present together. Their lines are a form

Ans: T.S. Eliot’s Tradition and Individual Talent

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6. The sense of an ending is a book by:

Ans: Frank Kermode

7. The book a Grammar of Motives was written by

Ans: Noam Chomsky

8. Dryden’s “An Essay of Dramatic Poesy” was written to counter the remarks made by Samuel Sorbiere about the English stage. Who else other than Dryden, replied to the charge?

Ans: Thomas Sprat

9. “On some technical elements of style in literature” is an essay written by

Ans: R.L Stevenson

10. Characters of Shakespeare’s Plays is a book of criticism written by:

Ans: William Hazlitt

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12. Which notorious critic of Shakespeare said that his plays were trivial and positively bad and were the title work/essay?

Ans: Leo Tolstoy – On Shakespeare and Drama

13. On the Artificial Comedy of the Last Century is essay written by:

Ans: Charles Lamb

14. Name the concept that was not included in those that I.A Richards used to substantiate interpretive crictism?

Ans: Pastiche

15. Who among the following has not contributed to the cannon of structuralist crictism?

Ans: Jorge Louis Borges

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16. Poetry thus makes immortal all that is best and most beautiful in the world” who said this ?

Ans: P.B Shelly

17. The Road to Xandu is written by

Ans: J.L Lowes

18. Timber or Discoveries made upon Men and Matter” is a critical work of?

Ans: Ben Jonson

19. T.S Eliots concept of tradition is countered by Harold Bloom’s

Ans: anxiety of influence

20. Post-Modernist thimkers developed concepts like difference and hyper reality to subvert

Ans: Grand narratives and univocity of being

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