School Examinations Do Not Test Intelligence. Write FOR or AGAINST

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Question: School Examinations Do Not Test Intelligence. Express your views either FOR or AGAINST this statement.

School Examinations Do Not Test Intelligence


School examinations have long been considered the standard way of assessing a student’s intelligence. However, many experts and educators argue that this approach is flawed and does not accurately measure a student’s intelligence.

Firstly, school examinations mainly evaluate a student’s ability to memorize information and reproduce it on exam day. This approach does not reflect a student’s critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, and other cognitive abilities. Students who can memorize and reproduce information might not necessarily be the most intelligent or capable of the group.

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Secondly, school examinations can cause immense pressure and stress on students. The exam format is not conducive to learning, and it does not consider the student’s individual learning styles and pace. Students are expected to memorize vast amounts of information in a limited amount of time, which may lead to a lack of deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Furthermore, school examinations do not factor in the student’s personal circumstances or background. For instance, a student who is dealing with a difficult home life, a health issue, or other challenges may struggle to perform as well as their peers, even if they possess the same level of intelligence. This approach can be unfair and may demotivate students from pursuing their academic goals.

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Finally, school examinations are often limited in their scope, as they only measure a student’s knowledge of specific subjects. However, intelligence encompasses a broad range of skills and abilities, including emotional intelligence, social intelligence, and practical intelligence. These skills are not typically evaluated in school examinations, which can give an incomplete picture of a student’s overall intelligence.

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In conclusion, school examinations do not accurately measure a student’s intelligence. The focus on memorization, the immense pressure, the lack of consideration for personal circumstances, and the limited scope of examination questions all contribute to an incomplete understanding of a student’s intelligence. Therefore, we need to reconsider our approach to assessing intelligence and consider alternative methods that better reflect a student’s abilities and strengths.

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